Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting Ready to bring them home

Today is New Years Eve. We spent the day with our friends from church. We had a nice time. While we were there we were thinking about it being 2010 now. Tony said it was neat because there is 2 of us, and 10 kids. 2010!! I thought it was cute. Then I spent the rest of the time thinking about all my blessings. I had an old friend that I don't speak to much to anymore tell someone something the other day that made me stop and think. She told my friend that she did not understand why we had so much and continued to receive more. She thought it was not fair to her. To us we do not feel as if we have so much, but I do understand what she is saying. I understand it so clearly though. I believe God gives us blessings for the things we do in life. I think when we adopt babies or even do things for others that God blesses you in return. I think when you just worship, pray, and live your life for Him, you will be blessed. I guess if she doesn't see it that way, then that may be why she does not understand!!
I do feel blessed. A lot of people have asked me this week, "are you really going to bring them all home?" We were surprised about how many people were really thinking we would not bring them all home. They do not understand how we will do it. I can not explain to people how we will do it; It just works! You just get on a schedule in life that works for you, and go with the flow. I have enough Faith in God that if I am doing what He wants me to do, that everything will just work out.
We were even more blessed today when I spoke to a friend about not having anyone to help Tony. Then she told me that her daughter could go. We were joking around, but it became more serious. Now we have booked her ticket with Tony and my oldest daughter. God has blessed us once again. They will leave next Friday to go get our new Beasleys. They will be there for no more than 11 days. For now I am just waiting and getting the babies room ready. I have to go buy all new clothes for Eli because he was so stinking big!!!! He wears 2t!!
Anyways, Im going to go sit with my husband. He is sad that nobody is still awake to celebrate the New Years with him.

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  1. You are SO close to having them home! WOO-HOO.

    Our adoption journey with our first adopted son started in late 2005. He came home in 2006.

    The verse that started us on the adoption journey was Luke 12:48. We felt so blessed, and almost guilty about it....

    It is still our motivating verse. We no longer have any guilt. Just faith!

    It is also... the title of my blog. :) Yes, living your life for God ... you WILL be blessed, in this life and most importantly IN THE NEXT!

    I can't wait to see your babies all come home! Exciting stuff for sure!