Monday, December 21, 2009

We are in Love!!

We were not able to wake up and go see our babies due to the icy weather. Taxis would not drive this far out. So this afternoon we finally found a taxi driver that would take us to the orphanage. It was much more quiet in the evening because some of the workers have already gone home. We found it to be much more relaxed. Elisa did so much better this time because people did not keep coming in and out talking to her. She has always like Tony and has always clung to him, but she actually liked me today!! She wanted to sit with me, and when I walked away she held her arms up for me. This made me feel much better inside knowing she did like us a little but.
Eli, wow, he is such a sweet, handsome baby boy. I really can not believe that someone had not adopted him before us!! Although he does seem very spaced out at times, he is alert unlike I thought. We tried so hard to get him to smile for so long. We were so happy last week when we got him to do this. Now today we got him to laugh at us to. This to us is a new baby. He is doing so much more than what they told us he would do for awhile.
Nessie, sweet Nessie. I thought I would never hear her cry. She is always so happy and smiling. Today we saw her pout for the first time. It was really cute because she just puts her little bottom lip out. It was very short lived to. She started smiling right away. She loves to be held, and huged. When you hold her, she turns and starts sucking on your neck. She sucks on anything around her. I think she would love a binky, but it may be to late now to start that.
Im going to put a few of our pictures from today on here. Tomorrow we will see them one last time before we leave. They are suppose to do the tour tomorrow as well. After that we will go back to Odessa, then home. We are still praying that we get home by Christmas night. It will be a big surprise for all the kids!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!! Thanks, Leah


  1. Oh my! They are just gorgeous! Please travel safely and God bless you for this undertaking - three beautiful angels!

  2. YAAAAAAAAYY!! PICTURES!!! You've got three GORGEOUS kiddos there, Leah!!!!!! Wow!! All of this stuff you've been through will be SO worth it, and I'm thrilled to hear that Elisa is doing so much better!! Gosh, I'd love to give all three of them a big SQUEEZE!!!

  3. I'm glad you got to see those beautiful babies, and that you'll get to come home on Christmas. Yay!

  4. I am so happy for you guys. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Your children are absolutely precious!! I'm so happy for all of you!

  6. Just Beautiful!!!
    Merry Christmas :)
    Mandy RR

  7. I can't get over how beautiful they all are (and am sure they're even more precious in person...I can't wait to meet them!!) We're praying hard for you guys and hope that you got to see them again today. We're praying for all three kids to transition well. I hope that the kids you brought with you and the kids you left behind are all doing well! Faith seems to be having a fun time (based on facebook updates) with her friends. :) Love you guys!