Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday - Waiting on Referrals

Hello to everyone!! It is about 4.00a.m. at home. Here it is noon. I cant say we are adjusting well to the time here.
I miss my kids so bad at home. Things are going slow here, so we really have a lot of time on our hands to watch the clock and think about what everyone is doing at home.
We thought we would get our referrals yesterday, but they said because there are three, that we had to wait until 5.00 today. When and if we get them today we will board a train tonight and ride to Odessa for 9 hours.
Then tomorrow, Friday we will get to finally meet our new babies. We did get to see there pictures yesterday. Elisa the oldest is named Elizabeth, they call her Liza. She was so pretty. It was a current picture. The 2nd baby Vanessa was named Victoria. They call her Vikka. It was her baby picture where she had no hair, then Arthur , he still had his same name, but his baby picture was so cute, he was so fat!! It was funny.
As Im writing my husband just pulled my daughters tooth out. She is wondering how much money the Ukrainian tooth fairy brings her!!
While we were at the super market yesterday a gentleman kept talking to us when we told him we spoke English. He then got really excited and started speaking english the best he could. He was a very sweet man. He bought us chocolates,and walked us home. There we gave him our address. He said he wanted to continue to keep in contact with us. We are having a good experience with people here, we just feel a little left in the cold. We stay all day in our apartment because we don't know what to do here while we wait, or we go to the mall and try to get food by pointing to what we want!!!
Oh, also when we had our appt. yesterday they told us that Elisa, the oldest had already had her heart surgery. That was good news!!
Emma, my youngest is complaining that her throat hurts so Im going to get her some medicine now. Please just pray that we get our o.k. to travel tonight because this is getting really boring just waiting here!!
I hope everyone is well back home. Let me know if you would like me to bring something back, Love, Leah


  1. What a great update!! I know you are bored, and I remember the feeling of "Let's just get this show on the road!!!". That's neat that you got to see their pictures, though! I had to laugh when you told how fat Arthur was! lol

    Hang in there. Someday you will look back on this time in Ukraine and say, "You know, it really went very fast. I wish I would have savored my time there more and not tried to rush it so much." I tried to hurry out of Russia during my first adoption (I was 26 and terrified to be in the country I was raised to fear!), but on the second, I slowed down and smelled the roses, and really enjoyed myself SO much more. I appreciated the trip so much more, and didn't try to just hurry through it.

    God bless you!!! Thank you for keeping in touch with all of your cyber friends - we are thinking about you and praying for you!

    Enjoy the train ride (we did!) and kiss those babies for all of us!!

  2. Thanks for the update!!
    I'm so happy that you got to see pictures.:) I tell everyone that the little boy on my RR magnet on my truck, has a family adopting him right now!!:) Hope your daughter feels better. It's no fun being out of the country and not feeling well.