Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A very cold cold day here!!

Today the snow is falling very fast and its very windy so it hits you hard in the face. The kids here are out of school so you see a lot of kids snow boarding. Its well over a foot of snow in some places. We ran into the mean lady at the orphanage again today. She started screaming at us again because we did not have masks on. We were never told to wear them in the first place. I think she is just mad now because we have our kids and she cant stop us from bringing them. She's really nasty!
We had a breakthrough today with Arthur. Tony was tickling him today and he just started laughing really hard and finally smiled. He is such a cute baby. We got a lot of pictures with him smiling so we will post them tonight. We are at the mall right now letting our kids play. We are getting ready to leave which means we must venture through all this snow. It really hurts your face. If anyone is coming here soon I really advise you to bring something that covers your face. They sell those mask you can wear. I didnt and im paying for it now.
Ill post pictures tonight. Thanks, Leah

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