Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today we met our girls, and our boy!!

This is from 2 days ago........

We were still doing our interview with the director when someone came in with our first baby, Elisa, whom we named Elisa Nevaeh Beasley. That is Heaven spelled backwards. We were not even expecting her to come in,so we were very surprised. She looked the same,but much much smaller than we had expected. She was so beautiful, but did not want to have anything to do with us. So she just hung to the caregiver while we smiled and spoke to her.
Then came Vanessa. We named her Vanessa, Victoria.Victoria was her name here. They call her Vikka. She did not look anything like we pictured her to be. She was a typical downs baby. She had all the normal expressions. She came to us right away and laughed the entire time. She totally melted my heart. Every time i even talk to her she laughs so hard that she has to stop and catch her breath.
After passing her along we received Arthur. We named him Elijah Gregory. This poor baby made us sad. He never once smiled, nor did he even try to. He was so overweight and large for his age. He has a beautiful face, and I know he will have a beautiful smile. Its just getting him to do so. Arthur was very very heavy for me as well. He is going to have to learn to walk fast!!!!. We were told alot of good news while we were there.
Elisa had her heart surgery in Feb. of this year. Vanessa does not have any heart issues anymore, nor does Arthur. So basically they do not need to see a heart Dr, at all. However we do not really go by what they tell us. They tell us Vanessa does not need glasses and does not have strabismus, but you will see from the pictures her eyes clearly cross all the time.
Arthur seemed to be having trouble breathing, but Im hoping he was just getting a cold.
The orphanage was not very kind to us because I had my children there they told us we could not bring them back. So now we don't know what we are going to do yet. We don't have to many options really other than just letting them sit in the front while they wait for us an hour.
Ill send you guys many pictures in the next few days. Right now we do not have internet in our apartment. We are having to pay a driver every day just to drive us to McDonalds to have internet. He does not seem to like us that much either. The lady at McDonald speaks english though so she has been very helpful to us.
Tomorrow is Sunday so we cannot go see our babies, so we will send more pictures of them on Monday.
I CAN NOT WAIT TO BE HOME!!!I never thought I would be so homesick. I dont think Ill ever do anything without my kids again. I wont even take a family trip without them. This feeling away from them is just miserable. The entire process just takes to long. Im praying, and I ask that you all please pray along that this is over very very soon desperately want to go home.
Thanks guys, Leah


  1. What wonderful descriptions of the kids!! Poor little Arthur - I'll bet you can't wait to bring a smile to his face!! And that little Vanessa - what a little doll baby!! Elisa is so pretty, she will just blossom when she gets home. You are so blessed!!

    ENJOY your time over there - you won't likely get to ever do this again, so make as many happy memories as you can!! I was so afraid on my first trip to Russia that I didn't really enjoy it. So on my second trip (second adoption) I was determined to enjoy it and I DID! I have lots of fun memories and the whole thing was MUCH more pleasant! Please, just enjoy the trip!! You WILL get to go home and be with your other kids, but this is a once in a lifetime trip and you'll have LOTS of stories to tell your new trio!!

  2. Awwww, I can't believe that he didn't smile at all. So sad! I think he will slim up once he's home and starts growing. He'll "stretch out"! Argh. I'm so tempted to just fly over there and babysit so you don't have worry about the kids. I wish that was an option!

  3. I know that homesick feeling! We just got back last month from Estonia with our son. It will pass and soon you will be home!