Friday, December 18, 2009

Still Friday

Hello again. I know I already blogged today, but I went back to read some of my older blogs and noticed that I have been very negative with all my blogs. I really dont mean to be. I enjoy being with my babies here, but most of the time is spent in this little apartment with little to do. I dont handle being bored very well. I guess I am high maintenance!!
We saw a lot of snow trucks out today so I hope that they clear the roads a little bit so that they open the orphanage tomorrow. The mean lady that works there isnt there tomorrow. Then maybe we can do our tour. I cant ask to do the tour until she is gone because she will for sure say no!
We found a nice little coffee shop at the mall today we can sit and drink while the kids go play at the playscape they have there. So we are trying to enjoy ourselves a little bit!!
I know a lot of people have adopted 3 kids at once, but I guess it has not been done from this orphanage because we have had to explain in person to 3 or 4 different people why we would want to do this. People seem to think that we are getting some sort of funding or extra money if we adopt this many. Once we explain it to them they seem to get it, but they are very shocked. Even in the orphanage , I think thats why the mean lady doesnt like me. She makes us wear these masks, and when they are not on right they she comes and starts yelling at us in russian and other people help us put them on right. When she walks off the other people start laughing at her.
Oh well, We are counting down the days we have 9 days left !!!!! If we get our court day soon it may be earlier. Thanks to everyone that comments, it gives me something to do here to read all your comments. I also feel better when I have you guys cheering me on. Missy, Ill always be gratefull for all your support. Someday it would be nice to meet you in person. This is an amazing experince and I dont want my negativity to make people afraid to do this. If I had all my kids here with me this would be so easy and so much fun, I just miss them so much that it makes this process very long and heartbreaking!!!
There will be a great reward in the end though. Ohh I cant wait to go home and start buying walkers, strollers, and carseats!!! I bought all the clothes already, but boy o boy was I wrong on Eli'S size. I bought him 18-24 months. He at least a 2 t!! Isnt that crazy!! I miss them already!!
Well, Ill end now, Im going to people watch threw my window now. Send lots of comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Leah


  1. Things will work out. All in God's timing! Too bad it can't match ours more often. It is more sad to me that you have spent so much time there and so little time with the 3 little ones. Especially being new to Down Syndrome, it would be nice for them and you to bond more. Praying that will happen before you return home.

  2. Just think by Easter you all will be a snug family living your daily lives together, no mean orphanage lady, no loneliness. This is a short time of trial, but it won't last forever. I know that doesn't help much, but when we think of time in larger chunks, this isn't much time.

  3. Please do not feel bad. You miss your children and home! Who wouldn't? I am following you guys because God willing - we will be doing the same thing next year and I find much inspiration from your family! Your three babies are gorgeous! You miss your kids at home like we will! Keep up the prayers and we will continue to follow and support you here in Alabama! Take care!

  4. We faced similar reaction there when we brought our 3 children with us (and we had 2 at home)...they dont understand big families though actually many here in the US do not either. However, I think they will see your genuine love for your children and God is glorified as you seek to care for these orphans and show others the value of all children. I remember thinking it was an eternity over there but then we were home and then soon it seemed like such a short time we were there. Praying for you!

  5. Aw, Leah, don't feel bad for being negative!! This is a very stressful time for you and it hasn't exactly gone like clockwork for you, which is a real shame!!!

    Did you bring a photo book of your kids and family to show the "questioners" that the kids are all well cared for, etc.? I know that that helped a BUNCH when we got Erik - my boys are both physically disabled (amputee and arthrogryposis) and to see them in photos flying planes (, going down waterslides, and making oil paintings REALLY helped change hearts!!!

    Thank you for the sweet comment, too - I would love to meet you as well!! :o) And I would LOVE to kiss Elijah's chubby cheeks!!! (You are so lucky!)

  6. Hello! My name is Svetlana and I am Russian. We adopted an Ukrainean girl in October 23, 2009. We were in Berdaynsk near Azovskoe sea. We were in Ukraine for 3 months. Our experience was very bad. we had a bad fasilitetor who slow the adoption down, just wanted to get more money from us. My advice just pray and hope for the best. Peoplethe understand that DS kids very rarely been adopetd and they do care about the kids and they want them to find a family and being loved. I am sure the judge will understand too. Good luck!!!
    Svetlana, adoped 7,5years old girl