Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tomorrow is our last day here!!

Well, I got to do my tour today. It is not what I expected it to be. First of all, the first room they took me to, none of our kids where even in. After they realized this they moved on to Elisa's room. As I moved around the room I was looking at all the babies trying to see who was in there when I heard a little kid screaming at me. I turned to look and it was my Little Elisa. She KNEW ME!!! She totally recognized me. I turned to her and she held her hands up reaching for me and just yelling for me. I was touched because of all the rejection I have felt from her. I went to her and held her little face in my hands and just spoke to her to calm her down. Ohh, the kids there were so beautiful. I didn't see many special needs kids there either. I thought there would be many more special needs children. After her class I went to Eli's, and Nessie's class. I saw them both right away. My big boy was cruising in his walker. I saw him look at me and start walking backwards to try to get by me. I sat for a while with both of them talking when I remembered that Darya should be in this room as well. Im suppose to get pictures for her family so I began to look around for her. Honestly, I could not recognize any other child in that room. I asked the teachers, but they did not know of a Darya, since this is probbaly not her real name, or her name that they use for her there. They said they had a Dasha. When I looked at this little girl she was in her swing. At first I said, No thats not her," Then I looked back again. After I looked for a moment I saw her jaw bone looked the same as Daryas. I really think it is her, but she has got more hair and just looks bigger. Im going to post her picture here and see if anyone else thinks it is her. I only have one picture, but I have her on video as well for her family, hoping that it is her. I was very sad not to see my sweet anya. They are going to look at her picture tomorrow and the picture of Viviane. I really hope that I am able to see them both before I leave.
After tomorrow we have a court date set for Thursday at 10.30 After the court date we are trying to set up a way to get back to Kiev to make out 5.45 flight out. We should be back home by 10.30 Christmas day. Im really going to miss my babies, but Im also looking forward to getting home. This has been a totally different experience for me. I know I had issues at the start, but time did pass fast. Now I feel silly for being so petty about little things. I think I just missed my kids at home so much that I let that take over everything good here.
I met with Tammi Wetmoore tonight. We went to get pizza together and then we went to have icecream together. It was nice to get out and do something different. Althought the taxi ride there was 1 hr. and 45 minutes. They drive so fast to that I had to close my eyes the entire time. Its really funny how people here just drive so fast and get right up on people, even people walking.!!
Well heres pictures from my visit today, then will be Daryas picture! (I think) Please tell me what you think before I send it to them getting their hopes up!!


  1. I can't tell if it's Darya or not, but since Dasha is the pet name for Darya (like Beth for Elizabeth) it could very well be so!

    - I'm blogging for Nadya; to help her find a family -

  2. We think thats her--she looks alot like Darya to us :) We compared the picture with the one on RR and she looks like her. We are praying for you!

  3. Oh you guys, I was just brought to tears when I saw the picture of the babies lined up in Elisa's group. I have one almost exactly the same. That is the same room Reese was in! I pulled up pictures just to make sure, but it's the same one (upstairs, right?) Elisa and Reese probably were in the same groupa...Elisa was just having surgery when we were there. That's got to be Darya, with those cheeks and chin! How great that you saw her!!! We're praying for you guys!! I'm really boo-hooing! I think you forget after a while and I was just reminded when I saw that picture. My heart is aching for those poor babies who don't have families coming for them!

  4. I think it could be Darya....hard to tell for sure. There is a Dasha on the Angel tree that I have fallen in love with. She is in the Ukraine but I only know the orphanage as #9. She is 21 months old. This isn't by chance the orphanage you are at is it?? I know on Reese's Rainbow it says that it is one of the poorer orphanages. I sure would like to see an updated picture of her. I have been following your story but don't think I have ever commented. I hope everything works out perfectly for your family. You are an amazing Blessing to these children!!

  5. I don't know about all of the rest, but I'm SO THRILLED that Elisa was excited to see you!!!

  6. You are soo close! How exciting and what a wonderful Christmas present...3 new Beasleys! We can't wait to see your beautiful babies and your husband join you at home :)