Saturday, December 5, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow

Well, this is it!! We fly out in the morning at noon.
I am leaving with excitement to meet our babies, but a little fear as well. We have friends there right now that have had a very hard time. The people there did not like Americans and where trying to hurt her husband. Its really freaking me out a little bit.
My oldest daughter at home will be bounced around from one friend to another while we are gone, so Im a little worried about how she deals with everything while we are gone. I'm going to miss my kids so much. I have never ever left them even once in my life. Its really the hardest thing Ive ever done.
We will be posting as soon as we get settled into our apartment there. So I guess by Tuesday we should be able to post again. On Thursday of this week we should get to see our babies, then we will post pictures for you to see.
Thanks everyone again for your support. We have had many ups and downs here, but its all coming together now. Please pray for a safe flight as I do not do well with planes at all. Please pray for our entire journey. Thank you all. Ill write soon!! Leah


  1. As soon as you get here, let me know. Do you still have my e-mail? I will look for yours. So far I have met all the RR families coming through, it has been great!