Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday in Odessa

The snow is keeping us inside for the second day straight now. We were all ready to go to the orphanage today and the translator told us they were closed until Monday because of the weather. These are the things that keep making us so mad. She knew this since yesterday, but never bothered to tell us. The snow isnt even falling today, so I really dont understand. Im ready to just pack up and go home and send Tony back out to bring them all home.
Tony is still feeling very weak. He can barely walk around. I keep giving him a lot of water, but he can not eat anything. Its hard when you feel so helpless. We still have no idea when our court date will be. If its not on Monday or Tuesday then we will possibly miss our flight home on the 27th. I can not even think about that. This is hard enough missing Christmas with all my little ones at home.
I guess for now Im going to bundle the kids up and let them go make a snowman or something outside. At least they seem to be enjoying this snow a little bit!!

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