Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back Home

After flying for over 24 hours we made it back home tonight. It was sad to say goodbye to our babies, but it was so good to see our kids back home. We opened our christmas gifts tonight. They all seemed to have a good time. Tomorrow we will spend time talking and just relaxing. We have to go out and get a few things for Tony and Faith to take back as well.
While we were in Odessa we thought about about moving up North. I guess the weather made us think more about it. Tony has a job position right now we are waiting on to move to Missouri. If this does not work out we may begin to look at other options in other places. We want to move further north and get some land for the kids. We have always wanted to be on a farm and have horses and cows, and the chickens. I grew up this way. Of course as a child I did not see how nice it was. Now I the kids would really enjoy it.
It would be hard for us to leave family and friends, but I know we would still get together. My side of the family I never see that often. It has always been that way. I get sad about it knowing that they do not see the kids that often, but its always good when I do see them. I know our friends would come often, and we would come back as well. Tony has always been close to his family so I know we would still see them to, It just would not be as often.
Tomorrow we will discuss it a little more before he goes back to work.
It is so good to be home even with the little drama that still hangs over here. I don't think it would even be so bad , but my kids overheard many conversations between family, and of course they all began to tell me everything that was said about me!! You know, its just sad that that is what we came home to, but Im not going to let it ruin my first day and week home with the kids!! I hope everyone has a great New year. I know we will. We have a lot to do to prepare for our new babies!!


  1. Try not to let the negativity get to you! It is all around us! Remeber: when you do something big and important, it will get attention. It is supposed to shake things up! Glad you made it back safely.

  2. YAY! So glad you made it home alright!!!! Now to pray you back to bring those babies home!

    Big changes, big attitudes it sounds like. A lot of prayer... that's what I TRY and do. :)

  3. We're glad your family made it home and are together for the new year, and that soon your babies will be home! Happpy NEw Year!

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I know its sad to come home to the drama. I wish it was not there, but it is. I think its sad that it at Christmas, but whatever. Thanks, Leah

  5. Maybe a move north wouldn't be so bad, it's hard to have drama with family at a distance. Either way, I'm glad you are home with your kiddos, and your new babies will be there before you know it.

  6. SO GLAD YOU ARE HOME!! I've had some internet problems and couldn't read blogs for about 10 days and I'm trying to catch up!

    Coming back home, even without the kids, is EXHAUSTING. Be sure and take some time to REST and collect your thoughts. You've got a lot on your plate and have a lot to think about!

    Sometimes, a clean break is a good thing. I've done it many times with my kids, and we've always been fine (I'm very independent!). If you feel like moving up north is what God is leading you to do, then do it. But be sure and rest and reorient yourself now that you are home - and right in the middle of the biggest American holiday, too! :o)