Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve here, and we are approved for adoption!!

We went to court today, and after about 30 tense minutes we heard the words we have been waiting a year to hear. The Judge said that the babies are now Beasleys. We were very excited to hear this. Tony wanted to go out and celebrate, but I was not as eager to celebrate. Last night back at home everything went downhill back at home. The entire side of Tonys family is fighting and I seem to be right in the middle of it. It even went as far as the family canceling Christmas dinner and get together. This has been very hard for me. I seem to not be able to focus on what I really need to, I have a very hard time when People are saying things that they simply do not understand. When you write over the internet things sound different than they should as well. People missunderstand what you are really saying. After last night I was even more upset about not being able to fly home now. I found myself asking God why we could not be flying home now, what is keeping us here 2 more days. Then I have to stop and think it is only 2 more days, its not that bad. While Christmas just wont be what I wanted it to be, I still have to remember why we are here. I get very upset that we are over seas from everyone at Christmas, and can not be with my family in the midst of all the drama at home.
Im trying to out my mind on other things now. Tomorrow since we will be here for Christmas we are going to try to get together with the Wetmores and have a Christmas dinner with her. We also bought gifts for our babies and will be with them in the morning.
Sunday our flight 5.00 a.m. This journey is almost done, I am now the proud momma of 10 kids!!!!!!!!


  1. What great news!!! Congrats on your newest babies. The family news is sad, but things will mend. They always do. I'm so happy you will get to spend Christmas with your newest additions, and will see your other sweet ones very soon.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your family feud. Stay focused on the real reason for today, Jesus' birth. Share Jesus with your new babies and with your family back home. He is what brings us joy and hope.

  3. Thanks guys.Im trying not to loose focus on the meaning of Christmas. I am very excited about the day, I just get so upset that some people can not put aside small issues and just enjoy the celebration. This is not the time to be doing this, yet we all are!! Im going to the orphange again tomorrow, it will my last time there!! So sad to leave them

  4. Congratulations! I'm so glad that court went well for you! I'm sorry to hear about your family back home and will pray that God will speak to their hearts so they will feel the love and joy for each other this Christmas! I think it is also precious that you will get to bring your three new little ones their first Chrsitmas presents THIS year!:)

  5. Merry Christmas Eve! I'm sorry there is a feud with your family going on. Praying that it gets resolved and you can all celebrate this very special time of year!! Love you all!

  6. Dont let those things rob you of your joy! You and I know how hard you have worked for this day! its so beautiful that God has given us all such a beautiful gift so long ago that started with the birth of a child and now your adoption during this blessed time.

  7. Congratulations! Our family is very happy for you! We remember what a great relief it is to have court over the fun begins. When you go back, it will be so wonderful because you'll be getting them OUT...and working towards home! Enjoy your Christmas with your babies, and I'm sure your children at home will love to have an extended Christmas celebration. Praise
    God--what wonderful Christmas gifts your family has been blessed with in 3 precious children to love and love you.

  8. Leah,
    CONGRATULATIONS!! What a day to rejoice- even though I know it's so hard to have your heart in 2 places feeling 2 different things. We LOVE you and are praying you home!! Hang in there, sweet friend!
    In Him,

  9. Congratulations! 10 kids! WOW! :)

    He called you to it, He will see you through it! Praising God that you get to give your new babies Christmas presents this year. This time will pass, and your kids back home will see it as joy as they get older to know that you were able to bring 3 wonderful new people into your family! Keep the joy my friend, keep your hope and your faith.... it is between you and God, not you and them! :)

    We are having struggles with Johns family as well. Mostly silent struggles as they are not saying ANYTHING about the girls or the process! So I am talking about it every chance I get, and they get to hear about the joy whether they want to or not! :)

    BTW... Merry Christmas!

  10. Im sorry you guys are going through the same struggles. My father and mother do like the idea we are adopting. They do not even know the name of my last biological child. Its really sad. They just think its better off to not be involved. I try and try like you. Thats all we can do right!!!