Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fun snow day

Today we knew that there would not be much going on, so we tried to make the best out of it. We actually had a pretty good day. The snow is starting to melt a tad, so we tried to make a snowman. I think we did pretty good to. The kids had a blast outside because it was not that bitter bite you in the face cold.

I also found out from our facilitator that we are almost for sure going to be traveling by train Wen. after our court date to go back to Kiev. From there the next morning on Friday we will fly home. We should make it back home by 10.30 at night. I WILL get to spend Christmas with almost all of my kids. Tony will still be coming back with my oldest daughter to bring the others home. I still have not found anyone to help with that either. Tony seems to think he will be o.k. Now that I meet Elisa though I know she going to throw some of her famous fits on the plane while he is trying to get the others just to sit on an 8 hr flight. I know that God will make it o.k. for him so I try to to worry about it to much.
The people that we have meet her so far seem to be very nice people, sometimes they get upset when we cant understand them, but not to often. There is a lady at McDonalds that loves it when we come in. She speaks very little english, but knows that we need her to help us order. She is very sweet. Even the landlord here at our apartment. She comes in to check and make sure we have clean towels, and sheets all the time. She also does all our laundry. I wish I could tell her how thankful we are. I will to get the translator to.
The dogs here are still running around in this freezing snow. I wonder how long they could stay quiet in a suitcase!! Just kidding. We found out today that there is another family here adopting a little girl in another orphanage. Our plan is to meet up with them at some point. That will be a good way to pass some more time.
We plan to go back th the orphanage tomorrow to see our sweet babies. We really dont like not being able to see them very much this trip. Elisa really needs to know us a little better before we come back. Im also going to ask to do our tour tomorrow. This will probaly make me very upset, but I really want to see all those sweet kids there.
Well, Im going to go help Tony making some soup. It seems to be one of the only things we really know what we are eating. Its very good to. Ill talk to you later, Leah


  1. If you want help, email me. I am not 100% sure that I would be able to go, how long is the average stay? I'd looooove the chance to go! Also, I am a champ at handling meltdowns. haha. I know you said second week of Jan, so depending on how long they are there for I might be able to help... my email is mmc2153 at columbia dot edu. Or just go to my blogger profile and hit "email"

  2. Wonderful picture!! Glad you got to make your snowman - it's a really good one, too!

    Even if you only spend 90 minutes with your family on Christmas - you still get to do it!! :o) YAAAAY!!!

    Can you bring something to Elisa to help her on the flight, like Benadryl or something from your pediatrician? You know in advance to expect something - knowledge is power! :o)

    Hang in there, Mom, the road is almost at its end!!!