Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday night in Odessa

Its getting dark here. We were only able to see our babies once today because they fear that the swine flu is here again, so they closed the orphange. Me and Tony think they should spped things up and let us take the babies early to keep them from getting sick!!! (Yeah right!!)
While we were there today Arthur smiled just a bit. He is so stinking cute isnt he. Everytime I looked at his picture at home I said I wanted to squeeze his chin and kiss his cheeks. The first time I saw him thats just what I did.
Elisa was really throwing fits today. The caregivers took her from me and laid her on the floor and I think she was telling me to let her just kick it out. She was obviously throwing a fit again. Tony felt bad and kept saying,"Its o.k daddys here." I thought it was cute because I was just letting her scream it out. She can make the cutiest face though. She is walking, and she talks a lot on Russian. So it will be harder for us to teach her to talk. She loves music. She dances back and forth!!

Then their is Nessy. My little Nessie. This child is just a joy. She loves everybody. She laughs just when you pick her up. She loves to suck on your chin!! She also sucks on her bottom lip all the time. She is so tiny. Her eye crosses really bad, so I guess we will go to the eye Dr. as soon as we get home.

The mean lady at the orpanage was not there today, but our facilitator said it was o.k. for the kids to go now. Now that they said this Emma has a fever of 102. I started her on an antibiotic the Dr. gave me before we left. Please pray for a fast recovery because I manic a little with her being sick here. I did get her the H1N1 shot though before we left.We are hoping that they will re-open tomorrow because we are trying to get Elisa to like us a little more before we leave.

Tony will be bringing the kids home woth my oldest daughter who is 12. Now that we have meet the kids we know that is just not possible, but we dont know of anyone else willing to go. He just can not hold all 3 kids on all 3 planes on the way home. Exspecially if Elisa is throwing her fits. We are trying to pay his moms way to go, but she broke her foot. If anyone knows any easy ways to help make his trip not so hard on him please let us know.

I'll leave you with more pictures so I can go take care of my sick Emma, Thanks, Leah


  1. Hey Leah! Praying for a fast court date so ya'll can get home and praying for Elisa to start knowing how to be loved. She may be overstimulated (Darah gets overstimulated very easily and her only way of coping is melting-down.) Try giving her deep compression type squeezes on her arms and legs. If she has sensory issues (which I would bet she does), the deep compression squeezes may help her. Also, bear hugs may help calm her, too. Or not...but thought I'd throw it out there!

  2. Hi Leah! We are praying for your Emma (we are taking our soon to be 2 year old with us to get our kids, so I understand how stressed you must be.) I wanted to also offer my mom's help to you if you aren't able to find anyone to help bring the kids home. I know it's kind of weird to have a stranger help, but she is coming with us to help with our daughter and the 3 kiddos we hope to adopt. It would be practice for her! LOL She is always a HUGE help with our daughter and is great with kids. She would love to help! We wouldn't be able to pay for her ticket, just because we are trying to pay for our own tickets (we hope to travel in Feb. or March) but we could probably swing her ticket home (you guys live in Tx. - we are in FL.) Anyway, feel free to email me if you'd like,it's or you can contact me on our blog Good luck :)

  3. Hey Leah, what dates do you need someone to help? Josh will be out of school starting the 20th until the first of January. Let me know and perhaps I can go & help Tony. Call me 512.259.8739 or my cell 817.522.8500.

    kellie bludworth lipe

  4. When is your second trip? Email me!

  5. You could ask Judy Saxon off RR. She has a passport, and has offered to go with some families. :) She was going to go with me, but it I was able to work something else out.

  6. We'll be praying for your family...for God to provide help and for your daughter to get better. I might have mentioned this (cant remember if it was you or another family1) but we took ergo carriers (hold up to like 50 lbs) which helped alot in traveling with our boy home. The little ones would need an infant insert though. They are kind of expensive but you can find them on ebay, too. Ofcourse, there are other kinds of carriers--you may already have one. Jusst a thought! If you think you'd want to borrow ours, you can email me at
    If you can have a 3rd person, I'd definitely recommend it.