Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our little Eli's first smile (Arthur)

I told you that I would show you pictures of our little Eli smiling so here he is. We have not had any good photos to show you of Nessie either because she keeps closing her eyes when we take the picture. We got a few good pictures today of her to. Nessie has got the best personality. She makes us laugh so hard. You just look at her funny and she laughs so hard. She is also a kisser. She loves to kiss, and she is very into Daddy's gotee. She just rubs it over and over. She is very lovable. Eli is so thick. Its hard for me to even pick him up. Tony tickles his legs and his tummy and he laughs. We didn't think he was ever going to laugh.
Elisa still likes her caregivers way more than she does us. It makes you sad when they walk by and she screams for them to get her. Then when they walk by she just screams and kicks the floor. When we try to comfort her she tries to hit us away. I would say we are not her biggest fans yet!!
Im hoping to take a tour of the orphanage as soon as the snow dies down. I want to get pictures of Darya for someone and I would like to see Vivianne and Anya. We thought long and hard about adopting these kids so I would love now to see them in person. Today we heard of another baby here named Laura. She is only 5 months old, just a little thing. Im trying not to see her because if there was a way to bring her home I probably would!!
Im going to end now because the snow is over 2 feet now and I just saw a dog running threw it. If Tony will let me I want to take a towel out and put it in a corner blocking the snow from the dog. Its just freezing out. So many kids are sledding today. The snow literally went up to my knees in some spots. Cars are getting stuck everywhere!! When we walked home Tony forgot his gloves so his hands were like ice. It took forever for him to get them warm and from hurting. No wonder he is getting sick right. Tony has a fever today. If it continues we will not be able to see the babies for awhile. He said he is just dehydrated, but Im not sure. We are just counting our days until we get to come home. We miss our family so much. O.k. Im out to feed the sad dogs now. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! Thanks, Leah


  1. I could eat them all up!!! That last picture of Eli smiling is too much! We're praying for you guys and praying that Elisa warms up to ya'll soon! Give all of them kisses for me. We love you guys! (I emailed you some brainstorming ideas about Elisa).

  2. Adorable! They are all just precious!

  3. Oh they all look so good! Eli you are a big boy and getting teeth! You will be terrorizing the household in a good way ASAP, I can just see it! LOL

    Little Nessie, I jsut want to give you a hug.

    Elisa, you are too cute. I love personalities shining through. You are a fighter I think. :)

  4. OMG, they are all so cute! Elisa will be okay, right now she doesn't understnd what is happening. Your children all look so beautiful together!:)Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  5. Hey....I can't wait to see pictures of Darya. I hope you'll take a picture of Laura too...and find out her medical history. We are leaving our homestudy open to adopting more than one!

  6. Which orphanage are you adopting from? We have adopted three times from Odessa. In 2005 we adopted from no.3, in 2008 we adopted from no. 4 and no.9. Cara