Tuesday, December 15, 2009

About the Dogs Here

When you come to Odessa and you are a dog lover beware!!
There are so many stays here. They are on every single corner. Some of them are friendly, the others just want some food. Now that it is snowing it is so sad. There are a few that stay at this apartment. I really want to take them to the vet and get them some shots and try to leave them at a vet center, but Tony says that is a bad idea, and that they probably do not have clinics like that.
I even say a cat today that we were petting. The sweet thing snuggled under our gloves and shook the snow off her feet. I just wanted to pick her up and bring her in the get warm, but then what. Put her back out to freeze!! I can not stand it. Back at home I rescued animals. I always brought home the strays and got them their shots then adopted them out. Here I feel so helpless and the people here are really hateful to them. They scream and yell at the dogs to leave. Another one here today has really big ninnies so she probably just had puppies somewhere. I just keep thinking about where they are, are the freezing??? OHHHHH!! I know this is not for me to worry about, but I do.
Other than that the day is good. We should get our court date today, then we will know that we can head home a few days after that. Im sorry we posted 3 times today, but we get really really bored here!
Im going to try to go cook some eggs or something for these poor babies!!!( The dogs!!!!!)
Leah Beasley


  1. Soooo excited to know you are at the orphanage, and would appreciate any pictures or video you are able to take of Darya. I am also hoping you get the opportunity to give her a hug as well, even though I know orphanage officials can sometimes be difficult to work with. I read all of your blog entries and enjoyed hearing about your new little ones. I will be waiting anxiously to hear from you! Melanie

  2. How sad! Don't feel bad about posting three times....you have no idea how many people are refreshing your blog page waiting for more news and pictures!! :) I check your blog at least 15 times a day...even when I know ya'll are probably fasts asleep because of the time change! :) (Maybe I'm just a weirdo, though...LOL!)

  3. Tony,Leah and family, I am so very proud to know you all. May each moment of your time over there and your trip back be covered with God's protection. The new members of your family are just precious. I especially love the pic of the five of you...Tony's face is priceless. I look forward to meeting them all. This is my first ever comment on a blog including the one Tom has for us....You both inspire me in your corageous walk. I love that you are sharing it with us all. Many blessings, the McHenrys

  4. Oh, this is one of the things I am NOT looking forward to seeing when we get to Odessa. Not the same orphanage but Odessa. Im like you and want to help, feed, take care of ALL of them. It has to be very hard and you will have to let me know how you handled it all once you get home with your sweet, sweet kids!!! Maybe I should pack some cans of cat food and dog food when I come?!

  5. You can write 20 times a day. I know how bored you must feel in the apartment. I know you must feel homesick.
    It will be worth it. I promise with all my heart.