Sunday, January 3, 2010

De JaVu.......

So we've been home less than one week and we're packing again. In about 4 days, I'll be sending my husband and daughter to pick up our precious new babies. He leaves on January 7 and will come home on January 20. I cannot wait for him to walk off of that ariplane holding our new little angels. It almost makes me cry as I think about it right now. The timing worked out to where they will get to spend a few days in Paris with Laura, our exchange student who lived with us last school year. Laura truly became part of our family when she was here, so it will be so special for them to spend some time with her.

Brittany, the girl that will be travelling with Tony is the daughter of our very good friends. They also had an exchange student (Marie - from Germany) living with them last year. It looks like Marie will be flying to Paris to meet up with them, so it will be a wonderful reunion for all. So my husband will be in Paris with my 12 year old daughter and 3-18 year olds. This should be good preparation for when all of our girls are teenagers :-). Now that I htink about it, Paris might be more exhausting for him than brining our 3 babies home.

I just looked back and noticed that our fist blog was on February 20, 2009. So when Tony gets back on Janaury 20 it will have taken us exactly 11 months to get our babies home. What a long journey, but it will be sooo workth it. We've been working all weekend on sorting their clothes and finishing up their room. We also tore apart our formal dining room and made it into a play room for the babies. We put padded flooring throughout and will put child gates at the entrance to keep the kiddos safe. So these babaies have already taken over our house and they're not even here yet.

Well, I better let you go so that I can go buy some winter clothes for Faith to take with her. I jsut can't wait to get my babies home in my own house....... in their new house! Leah


  1. We are so happy for your family! Hope you have a blessed 2010! You are so blessed because you follow God's plans for you - simple. We really do look up to you as an example. We hope to bring home a child this year too!

  2. What a way to start off the New Year! So happy for you and your new little ones.