Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travel Day (going to see my babies)

This post was written at 11am on Monday, January 11........

We're on our way to the Ukraine to get our babies. Currently, we are stuck at the Dusseldorf as our flight has been delayed by about 2 hours. We're sitting on the floor at a crowded gate listening to people complain (at least that's what we think they're doing, but we can't really understand what they're saying). We really don't mind the delay as we have about 5 hours to kill in Kiev before we hop on the train to Odessa. So here's a quick update on our trip.

Yesterday was another nice day in Paris. Laura and her friend took us to the Eiffel Tower where we traveled up to up to the second floor. The top was closed, but the view from the 2nd floor was still amazing. After that, we took the subway down to the Sacred Heart Chapel (not sure how to say it in French) which sits at the highest point in Paris. The chapel was beautiful, but unfortunately they did not allow any pictures to be taken inside. We spent the evening with Laura's family, having dinner and hanging out and also saying goodbye to Marie who flew out last night. This morning, Laura's dad picked us up at 5:45 and dropped us off at the airport. We got to the airport on time, but stopped at one of the shops at the airport to buy a few drawings of Paris to take home to the kids. The man took so much time wrapping the pictures up that we almost missed our flight. Seriously, the check-in lady came into the store and began yelling at me that they were going to leave us behind.

We made it on the plane, but I did not have time to put the drawings in my bag as we were boarding the plan and, like and idiot, I left them on the plane when we got off here in Dusseldorf. SO, in summary, I almost missed our flight in order to buy some drawings that I ended up leaving on the plane. Sorry kids, but I'll get you something in the Ukraine.......

When we arrived in Dusseldorf we were greeted by Marie and her sister at the airport. As it turns out, Dusseldorf is Marie's home city. They brought us a genuine German breakfast that we sat down and ate together. It was very nice of them to take time out of their day to visit us at the airport. So that brings us to where we are right now..... still waiting. We have about 30 mire minutes until we leave for Kiev, so I guess I will pack up my computer. I can't wait to get to Odessa tomorrow and visit my babies. I hope they remember me......

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  1. praying that the passport issue is soon cleared up and that you get home soon with those 3 beautiful babies! in His love, aj