Thursday, January 7, 2010

They are on there way!!

Tony and my daughter, and my (adopted) niece! left today at noon. The last I heard at 4 they were in D.C. heading to Paris.
The exchange student we had named Laura has the entire day planned for them to explore Paris in 2 days. I have to admit I am a little sad that I did not get to see what they about to see.
Tony will then head to the Ukraine to pick up our babies.
I am running around the house trying to do all the last minute things. I am having to by three of everything!! Highchairs, toys, bounces. A friend of mine is throwing me a baby shower once they get home. It will also be a time for all of our Friends to meet the babies.
Tony promised to start blogging as soon as the plane lands, so I will following along with all of you as he goes across the country to bring them home!!
Tony If you are reading this in Paris, I love you and Miss you. Cant wait to see you back at home with 3 babies strapped to your back!! Love you , Leah


  1. How FUN FUN FUN!!! Can't WAIT to follow his journey!!!!

    YAAAAYY!! They are coming HOME!!!

  2. Our family is so excited for you to finally bring your 3 precious babies, how your arms will be full of blessings! We'll be praying for you--we know how hard it is to be separated during that last part of the adoption, and how long it can seem to take; but then, its over, you're together and think later that it wasn't that long afterall. Thats nice you can have time to get organized there. Our daugher blogged for us when I had to come home...that helped so much to communicate back and forth on the blog and see pictures (and skype too) Looking forward to following the restof your journey!
    love,the Adamsons