Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heading back to the Ukraine

Well Tony Faith and our friend will head back out tomorrow at 12.00 I'm so excited for their journey. They will going to Paris first to visit our exchange student, then to the Ukraine. In the Ukraine they celebrate Christmas on Jan.7th. After this they still have big parties for another year. I guess they said the entire country shuts down and they just drink and have a lot of fun. Tony is trying to avoid as much of this as he can, But I thought it would be neat to see how they do things there. He should be there for about 11 days. There will be one person to help care for each baby.
I guess Tony will be writing for the rest of the trip since he will have the babies. It will be hard being the one on this end this time. I want to be there and be with the babies!! I can not wait to have them all here and at home with me.
Well, Id better go make sure he has what he will need on this trip. We are all getting so excited. Its so real now, they are almost home. What an adventure this has been!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I will be keeping up with the blog daily!! I am so excited for you all....
    Melanie Hollis (Darya's new mom)