Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adjustments for Everyone!

So we're home now, caught up on our sleep and it's time to get into a routine..... yeah right! The first day we were home, we took all 3 kiddos to their new pediatrician to get them checked out. Eli had a fever and cough, Vanessa had a very nasty rash on her backside (had it since birth according to the orphanage docs) and Elisa was very lethargic and not eating. In fact, Elisa has not been the same child we met in the orphanage. We weren't sure if she was sick or just having trouble adjusting. Needless to say, we were very worried about Elisa.

The pediatrician put Eli on an antibiotic and told us that Vanessa would have to have surgery to remove the inflamed area on her bottom. He was shocked that the orphanage doctors did not know what it was. We also showed the doctor some scarring that Vanessa had near her private area. He was puzzled by the scars and thought she may have had surgery to correct hip dislocations, but there was no record of this with the orphanage. When we got to Elisa, the doctor seemed concerned. She had been sleeping most of the time, wanted nothing to do with anyone and was not eating at all. He wanted to have her admitted to the hospital right away. After discussing our options, we decided that we didn't want Elisa's first weekend with us to be spent in the hospital.

We made it our goal to get Elisa to eat and get her to open up to us. On Friday morning, we had a breakthrough...... YOGURT. Elisa loves yogurt and ate and ate and ate. She ate so much food on Friday and this morning she was a different child. She was loving and playful and was smiling. We're still not sure if she had just been sick or needed food, but whatever it was is behind us now. The babies are adjusting well to their new home and the whole family is doing great. Our other children fight over who gets to hold, play with or feed the babies. I'm sure that will change in time, but for now, we are all closer than ever. As I sit here right now in the play room I am watching the babies play and am so grateful that we were able to adopt them. We picked them based on a picture and a feeling inside.... and a medical history that turned out to be mostly incorrect, but in the end, they are a perfect fit. They are perfect and they are ours! Praise God for choosing us to follow this path and to experience this kind of joy!

Oh and for those of you requesting pictures..... we are so sorry! We will post them as soon as we can, but honestly we just been enjoying the kids and have not taken many pics. We'll get some out soon. Thank you all for all of your encouragement......


  1. I am happy to hear the babies are adjusting well. When you see your children fighting for a chance to hold or feed a baby...aren't you glad you got three instead of just one? Reminds me of when my aunt had twins several years ago and my mom commented that there would be "one for each of them" referring to me and my sister who were both thrilled to welcome two new girls into the family! Congratulations to you and your family!

  2. So glad to get an update! We've been praying for you guys!! I can't wait to get over there and spend some time with you all!! :)

  3. Oh !! I am so glad to hear elisa is finally eating !! I wanted to check in and see how your beautiful babies are :) When you say the medicals werent correct , can you share ? I am in love with a couple rr little ones and the medicals are so had to understand. anyway, so happy for you , and cant wait for pics !!

  4. What a relief that Elisa is doing better!! What a happy ending/beginning to the story!!

    Interesting that Vanessa has to have surgery for her rash!! Never heard of that. Bless her little heart!

  5. Hi.... when you have time to breathe - I would love to pick your brain about adopting through Reece's Rainbow. We are highly considering it. We already have three kids - the youngest, Seth (13 mo) has DS. Thanks.

  6. I'm so glad for you and your newest family members. I'm also so proud to call you family myself. I commend you for your efforts in making room for children who so need you. I love you guys, good luck and I can't wait to meet the new members of the Beasley family!!!!