Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I love Nap Time!!!

I have never done nap time with any of my kids, and I have never understood why it was so important to moms. Now I do. I can not wait until nap time anymore. This seems to be the only time I am able to get any of the cleaning done. The kids are doing really well to the adjustments. Eli came home sick and it has been passed around now. Two of my kids have it now, and Nessie is just now getting it. She seems to cry all day long because she does not understand why she doesn't feel well.
We are so amazed by Elisa. She has so come out of her shell. She is a totally different child than she was in the Ukraine. She is spunky and so so happy. She loves to dance, and loves to clap her hands. We are so in love with these babies.
Eli still just stares at his hands. He is such a handsome boy. He weighs 30 pounds, big big boy. Elisa weighed 22 and Nessie weighed 20 pounds.
I agree with Tony, He said to me last night that he can not believe that these babies had not been adopted before now, and that people really missed out. They are just the most amazing kids!!
We have got a lot of pictures for you, but I'm not sure how to download them. Tony's knee swelled up last night double in size. He has been in so much pain that he had to go straight to the Dr, today. They are going to have to drain a lot of the fluid from his knee today. When he gets home he said he will post the pictures right away. They already look so much better than they did before.
I have so many people ever day asking me how can I do this, this is to much, but each time we adopt, we follow where God leads us, In return I know God finds me these children that God knows will be perfect for our family. They are just well behaved children, Its not as much work as people think.
All in all, We are the ones that are truly blessed. We will post pictures tonight. Thanks for reading our post, and following along with our adoption!! Leah


  1. I love good reports!!! Thank you for sharing. And, I can't believe you didn't do nap time before! Yikes! I only have six and I live for it some days. :)

  2. Thanks for the updates...what an amazing turnaround for Elisa. I was really nervous when I first read about her being lethargic in your last post. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and I think others may wonder as well. Could you post how old exactly each one of the kids are? It was hard to tell from reading back in your blog and I am just curious. I am using you as my inspiration to someday be able to step up and get the kiddo (or two) that I am in love with over in the Ukraine. Looking so forward to the pictures!!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of this, it's so interesting to follow this journey you all are on. I agree, naps are good. Looking forward to pics, those babies are adorable.

  4. How wonderful!! I'm so happy for you that everything is working out so perfectly!!