Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat

WOW, That was one fun tonight. We went on a hay ride that dropped us off at every street. The kids would get out and run house to house down the street. For most families that's o.k., but when you have 7 its not. I was always looking for each and every child to make sure they stayed together. I felt I had it under control when a mother came up to me crying. ( This is one of the same moms that did not support us adopting anymore kids because we had to many to even take care of in the first place) Appartenly she had lost her youngest child. While talking to many different people her daughter had walked away and disappeared for over 3o minutes. We all gathered together until we found her. I know she was scared to death, but I hope she realized anyone can have a hard time with their kids, not just because you have 2 or 7. She thought 7 kids you would never be able to watch them closely and take them anywhere. Well, I felt a lot better tonight that it really doesn't matter how many you have, It can happen to anyone. It was hard, but we managed!! They all had a blast anyways. Tomorrow Ill put there pictures up.
We are all waiting until Monday. Or facilitator was suppose to get our paper work turned in last Monday, but instead had to do it this Monday. If it does not get turned in our paperwork will expire on Thursday. So please pray she is able to get it all turned in!!! This is a huge deal for us. Something that is making us crazy to think about. I'm having an endoscopy done to find out why I keep getting ill so Ill be out of it anyway. Ill write again Tuesday to let everyone know if we were approved or not.
We found another family traveling on the 18th. We were told that we might travel before that, but I doubt it now. It looks like we could end up having a Russian Christmas!!!
I hope everyone reading is having great success with there adoptions, or there kids that they have already brought home!! You guys feel like family now, You have all been a great support system for us all. Goodnight, talk to you on Tuesday, with I hope good news!!

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