Thursday, October 8, 2009


We received the news yesterday that we are approved. We are going to travel soon to bring our babies home. We have not felt this excited since we started this process.
We do however need alot of prayers for Anya. We have done alot of research on her condition, and it really scares us a little bit. The sites say that she may even die before she turns 1. I don't know much about brain malformation either. We are seeking God right now to please help us answer these questions. If anyone knows anything about her condition ,please email me as soon as possible.
We have alot of paper work to get complete fast, then we will submit our Dossier off on Monday.
We are finally at the final stretch of this journey. We can not wait to travel , see the Ukraine, and to meet our new babies.
Please keep Anya in your prayers and pray that God will lead us to the right choice if we bring her home, or not. Thanks, Leah

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