Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another week

Tony came home this weekend after being gone for 4 days with our oldest daughter Faith, and our oldest son Dylan.
When Tony's father passed away he had asked before he died to have his ashes spread over the black hills of South Dakota. Tony was adopted from this place. Tony's dad had spent awhile there waiting for to bring Tony home when he was a baby. I have never been there, but the pictures they took look like a magazine picture. They were breathtaking.
Tony and the kids flew up there on Wednesday afternoon. On Friday the went into the hills and gently poured pepas ashes into a stream of water flowing down the hills. The kids talked about how everyone cried and the moment was beautiful until my oldest son fell into the water. After making fun of her brother my oldest daughter followed him in falling in as well. I guess it was a good way to break up the tension.
Pepa died suddenly in June after a long battle with Cancer. He had been cured of the cancer, but the chemo had taken its toll on his body.Pepa had had alot of issues with us adopting a baby with special needs. I still don't know how he felt before he died, but his wife had told us that he had come to terms with it before he had passed.
Now that they are all home they keep telling us stories of how beautiful this place was. I want to take all the kids after we get them all home. I think it would be a great road trip for the family to take.
I take for granite that I can travel with all my kids now and we can have fun no matter where we go because we love to all be together. In just a few years I know our oldest Faith will no longer be interested in traveling with us across the country. I'm going to try to get as many vacations in as I can before the kids blossom and fly away!!!
No news on any mail yet. Please keep praying. We are really trying not to get discouraged as our friends bring home their baby this week. I know he has his plans for everything he does, so we will wait in patience!!

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