Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still Waiting

I feel bad that we do not blog much anymore, but there just doesnt seem to be much to blog about. We are really still waiting to get our INS approval. We received it once, but they needed us to add a few things. Now we are just waiting to get it back again. After that, we will send off the Dossier.
We are ready, the room is ready the kids are ready, Im sure sweet Vanessa and Elisa are ready as well.
I have a friend threw church that started this adoption a few months after we did. She is adopting a little boy named Max from the Ukrain. They are on their way home from their first trip now. They will get to go back to get him next Sunday. I want so badley to be in their shoes right now.
I have to admitt though Im sooo scared to leave a few of my kids. We have 7 total right now. We are taking 2 of them with us. We have another daughter Grace who has alot of anxiety issues. We actually started homeschooling because of her being so scared of everything. Anyways, she has started getting really sick again the closer we come to leaving. I feel so bad for her that I wish just my husband could go with my oldest daughter. That way I could stay with her to comfort her. I know they will be taken care of here, but my heart hurts to know how sad she will be, and to know that she is making herself physically sick and throwing up. I would love to take her, but each kid cost another 1,500 dollars. We are taking our 2 youngest already because they were so upset to. I know all parents go threw this, but I just dont handle it very well.
So while I wait for our travel date, I will also try to prepare myself on how to deal with saying goodbye for 3 weeks. Any suggestions would be grate right now. I almost wonder if I should try to come up with the money to take her to. Then I think Im not teaching her the right things. I dont want her to be so sheltered all of her life. I think she needs to face the world without me sometimes. Awwww!! Im so confused.
In the end I know what really matters are those other 2 babies on the other side of the world waiting for us to finally meet them, and I can not wait to go!!
Thanks for reading , Leah

Our Daughter Grace!

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  1. Leah, I will pray for peace for you and for Grace and for the rest of your family. I can't even describe the levels of anxiety I had before we left. I knew for sure we were traumatizing Darah and Connor by leaving them. I was physically sick because I was so anxious. I was mostly worried about Darah because she has some anxiety issues that nobody really knows how to deal with like I do. It was so hard to leave and I'll never forget the weekend before we MIL came over and I was literally bawling like a baby saying that I thought we had made a huge mistake and maybe we weren't supposed to be doing this. God came through though, and I had major peace by the time the waiting ended and we were on our way to Ukraine. When we came home, Darah and Connor were fine. They did so good and I really think God gave them the peace He gave me. I know He will do the same for you. This blip of time will be over before you know it and you will have two beautiful princesses in your arms, in your home, to love and care for. I'll give you a hug tomorrow at church! :) It's late...I'm ultra long-winded!! LOL!