Thursday, August 20, 2009

Final Stages

We are so sorry to the people who are following our blog!!
We have had so many set backs lately that we really got upset with everything. As I read I guess everyone goes threw all of this as well. We thought we would be traveling by now!!
My husband Tony is the one who normally writes here and does a much better job, but he is frustrated as well. He just wants our babies home with us.
Our 3 year old daughter keeps talking about her sisters that are not here, that now I'm wondering if she thinks they are just pretend!!
We are finally getting back into the grove of things since Tonys father passed away. That was really hard on the family, Tony, and our middle daughter Noelle the most. Everyday there were things to remind us of him. There are still songs that come on and we all cry. I just have to keep telling my kids that he is with God now and that he is so happy now. My husband on the other hand is not so east to talk to because he knew that his Dad did not go to church. Tonys mission was to get him saved after he got cancer. He never succeeded with this. At the funeral the preacher spoke about his dad asking to know more about God which made me and Tony very happy. That's all we can go on for now.
As for our girls we are going to the USICS office today to talk to them. We are hoping for the best. If all goes well we just have to send off the paperwork to the Ukraine and wait for the travel date. I am not a flyer though. I am scared to death to fly. I have only been on a plane twice and only for about an hour. I'm just going to take alot of sleeping pills with me to help out.
Does anyone know about what size I should expect my babies to wear. One of them is 2 and the other is almost 1. I bought them cribs to, is that o.k? I just don't what to expect.
As for now I will go and see what they are telling my husband about girls and I will report back tomorrow. Thanks so much for reading!! Leah

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  1. Boy did we have those feelings. Crying night after night, not being able to get a strait answer, and oh yeah, the 8 months that Ukriane closed adoption during the middle of our process. Been there, felt that. Hang in there guys. Oh, how hard to hear that stupid phrase over and over. Truely, God's timing isn't alway our timing (that's what someone wrote to me during our frustrating wait). I pray things do come together soon for you.