Thursday, September 17, 2009

We are still waiting for our INS papers to come back. After this our dossier is on its way to the Ukraine!!!

The tension is still here about leaving a few of the kids behind when we go, but I'm really trying to prepare them by telling them the great reward in the end of all of this. I'm not sure that makes this any easier for them, but they do understand.

While I was looking at the Reece's Rainbow page about 2 months ago I just happened to look at the babies in the section titled "Other Angels" There I saw sweet little Anya. She is lying their all twisted up because she has no ability to move her arms or legs. It broke my heart to think these babies probably sit in their cribs all day because they are not mobile like the other children there. Ever since them I have had her on my heart so much. She just happens to be in the same orphange as Vanessa and Elisa to.

My husband talks with me about adopting her and being so much more than we have counted on. We have never dealt with children that have D.S. nor have we dealt with children that has what Anya has.

Having 7 kids right now we have so many people judge us the wrong way. They just don't understand why people would want this many kids, not to mention bringing 3 more special needs kids home at once with no experience. I know I should not care what people say, but sometimes it really makes you feel like you can not do the same things that just the everyday people do. Even going out to dinner, or going to a movie, or the mall. People stare and even comment at the sight of seeing us all together.

I know this doesn't have much to do with me bringing another baby home, but I feel like all that would get even worse. How do people handle this?

I walk with pride that my kids are mine, I love my children and the fact that God is about to bless me with even more, But I want the world to see my kids and how beautiful they are without judging me for how many I have. I was just wondering how people deal with this? I never knew so many other families had as many kids as I do until I began to read all the blogs on here. I was amazed at how common it was. I was amazed that their were so many with adopted children. I think people should be happy that we have so many and never question why we have the kids we have. We have them because we are truly blessed by God!

Now, going back to Anya, My question is could I really bring her home and handle it. I guess I need to ask this to the many moms and Dads out there that have children with DS. Can I take care of 2 new babies with D.S. and take care of another child that is totally not able to move right now!!

Any answers would be great at this time. I love her so much already, I just want what is the best for her as I do for all my kids. Thanks for reading again. Ill write back when we finally get in our papers!!! Leah


  1. Hi there! My friend sent me the link to your blog to comment on. As a mom of six kids, my oldest bio being DS and my 2 adopted being special needs, I guess she thought I qualified to comment.
    As I read your post, the mother in me thought, "of course she should adopt them all! Anything she could provide in her home is better than laying all day in an orphanage crib." But like I said, that is the 'mother' in me talking.
    The 'Daughter of God' in me thought, "she is asking the wrong question." Your question should be, "Is this what God is calling me to do?" Is He saying, bring home all three? If the answer is yes, then He will provide for you all you need to take care of these three plus your other blessings. If the answer is no, then don't do it. He has other plans for Anya. As hard as that is for the mothers in us to hear, we do not want to get in the way of God.
    So my biblical councel to you is to pray. Then pray some more. God might have you bring her home. God might have you find another home for her. God might have you be the voice of orphans waiting to be adopted. Whatever God has for you and for Anya, being in His will is the best place for both of you.
    I hope this is helpful.

  2. I have 4 boys, three have Ds. My oldest is 22, then 18, and my two youngest were adopted from Russia and have Ds. They are 6 and 3. I can tell you from my experience with two little ones with Ds, it may seem hard at first, tiring and stressful but believe me it all falls into place. They are doing so well now, it also helps that they are both in school. They really thrive with a consistent routine. When that changes, things tend to get a little crazy...but they get back on track.:) As for little Anya, I have no experience...but I will pray for you and your family while making this decision.