Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its a boy!!

We have decided after a few days of praying and thinking that we are going to bring home Arthur. We have never had a baby boy before, so this will all be new to us.
We decided that Anya has many conditions that we do not understand at this time. It would be easier to adopt another baby with the same disabilities would be easier for us, than having to deal with 2 different disabilities. I'm going to make it my mission to take alot of pictures of Anya when I'm there so that we can try our best to find her the perfect home.
As far as Artur goes, I cant wait to hold that little boy. We have had our hearts set on him since we first started this process, but we new we could not handle 4 babies at once.
Please continue to pray that we get a travel date soon so that we can get these babies home.
Now I must set out to find boy clothes and boy toys fast because I do not have any as of now.
Its finally getting exciting again now that it drawls to an end!!!


  1. Oh, Leah! I absolutely LOVE Arthur!! If we were heading to his orphanage, he'd be my choice for sure. He needs love so badly- I am just so excited for your family. Congratulations! Now to see the pictures of all 3 in your arms!
    In Him,

  2. That is great news! Congratulations on Arthur and USCIS approval! :)

  3. YES!!!! I'm am so thrilled for you and especially Arthur! I have four boys:):) They're are a blast!

  4. This is a fantastic thing to read! Arthur has always touched my heart. His face behind the bars of the crib.. just screamed for a mama!