Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We still have not heard anything about our paperwork. I guess I thought we would be told something right away. Apparemtly Yulia will turn it in on Monday and they will go over it. I guess on Monday we will hopefully know something.
At this point we are about 10,ooo short. We will be able to get the money by borrowing it, but we would rather not. So I'm thinking about doing another fundraiser, or even trying to Auction something off. I dont have all the details yet. I know I will be taking an extra child with me to that will add another 1,500 to the cost of the trip. Im just not to comfortable leaving the youngest 2.
I have spent the entire day reading every ones blogs, and looking up adoptions on YouTube. I don't remember when I have cried so much. I am touched, and I am moved to do something more. I know people tell me I am doing a lot, but I know there has got to be more.
I know somewhere in life I will own my own group home to help kids with D.S. I just can not get enough!!!
I'm going to to talk to my husband tonight and we will try to think about another way to raise some money. Ill let everyone know tomorrow, Thanks, Leah


  1. Oh, Leah, I am so excited for you (and your little ones!)!! PLEASE, keep us posted. Maybe we'll be there around the same time.:)
    In Him,

  2. Just finding you and reading your story. I spend a lot of time on RR and wondered if the Arthur you are adopting the one from orphanage 16? He's such a cutie! Praying that the Lord sends you the funds you need to bring your sweeties home!