Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Delayed Again

We are going crazy!!!!!
We were approved on Oct. 1rst. The mail went out on the 2nd. We have checked the mail everyday, and nothing has come. What is taking so long????
We are now afraid its lost because we just moved into a new home!!

We went to get our paper work appostiled today and they turned us down for it because the person that notarized one paper has recently gotten married. Therefore her last name has changed and it was not the same on the paper. The second paper was turned down because the date did not match.
Now we have to come all the way back to San Antonio and see if they can re-do it(which they did not want to do in the first place) We are burned out, and so tired right now.
Tomorrow we will try to go back to Austin to re-do this again, but man where they hard to deal with there.
In the mean time we are still waiting for the USCIS paperwork in the mail. Is that normal to take this long. I'm thinking it was lost or something. In the mean time we feel like we are being blamed for not having the kids home right now. People are saying that they should have been home by now and that we are putting their lives at risk because we are not there yet.
WOW, that is just frustrating, after ALL that we have done, especially this week. We have gone threw hell to bring these girls home. Yes, we have had to deal with things longer than most people, but that does not mean that this is our choice. We have no control over what happens right now. We are simply waiting for people to get things approved. Its hard, this is the end, and it seems to be taking longer than when we first started this process.
For those that think we are delaying this , and that think we are leaving them their longer than they should be, just know that we love these babies like they are ours already. We have worked so hard to bring them home and have been just as disappointed as they have that they are not here yet. By no means is this our fault, and it offends us greatly that anyone implies this!!!
We will continue to do our work and pray that the rest of this flows smoothly!

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