Monday, October 12, 2009

Taking sooo ,long

Today is Monday. We had hoped to get all of our paper work sent out today so that we could get our travel date.
When we sent all our paper work to look over it seems we still have things to re-do. Being a holiday, some of them we can not get done. We are getting so frustrated as are other people in Reece's Rainbow. I know that some people think we are taking our time with all of this, but we are just as impatient and waiting for our babies as everyone else is. In the start of this we thought we would be traveling early September. Now we are mid October and still fighting to get this done.
We are trying so hard to get it all done so that we do not get into Nov. when they shut down the adoptions. I'm not sure why it had taken us so much longer than it normally takes everyone else, but I'm sure its all going to be worth the wait once we get there.
I'm still working on Grace my daughter that gets herself worked up and so ill. She will be staying with a friend of hers and their family. I was hoping that it would be exciting for her to be there, but now that we are rushing to get everything complete she is getting a little bit sick again. I just don't understand how someone can make themselves physically ill over fear.
It hurts me so bad to know that I am doing this to her. If I could just send Tony I would, Or if I could afford to take her I would!! I know this is something everyone has had to deal with, I'm just very very weak at it!!
Tomorrow the banks are open so we can finish one of the last things we need, then we will travel to Austin the same day to get the final processe done. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will have our dossier on its way.
Then, last step, the travel date. That's when I guess Ill break down and know this is really about to happen. I have NEVER been out of the country, and only flown twice. I'm TERRIFIED to fly. I told myself at a very young age that I wanted to adopt many kids when I was older, but I told myself, I would only do domestic because of my fear of flying. Now I'm about to face one of my biggest fears of all times. I'm really going to have to drug myself up with something to even get on a plane. Any suggestions??? What lets you sleep the longest??
I was actually wondering if I needed to set up a will for my kids before we flew there. Is that silly, or do people really do this?? I know I'm panicking!!!
Please pray for fast results in all that we do to prepare for the final end of this process!! Thanks


  1. You'll get through this!! You are actually at the most frustrating point, as you have SO MUCH that's done, and you are ready to go, but the finality of it is here and it's hard!!

    My husband was sure he was going to die on the flight. He had a horrible fear of flying!! He was so excited to be going, however, that he focused on that and he got through it and did really well, and I think he will fly again without the fight! He was going to take sedatives, but didn't. You'll be okay!! Bring a good book to distract yourself with and enjoy the adventure!

  2. You are so close! We are one of those that seems to be taking much longer than everyone else too! :)

  3. The answer is yes, so email me and I'll help you!