Monday, February 15, 2010

Passing the cold bug around

We thought we were done with this awful cold bug in our home, but it now looks like it is making its second round. Elisa can not breath at all, poor baby. She has such a croupy cough as well. The other 2 are still finishing up their antibiotics, but they seem to be getting worse instead of better. I have heard that this is normal when you adopt from over seas, the babies get sick a lot at first??
The babies did get dedicated yesterday, but I do not have the pictures yet. They all did very well, and looked very cute. After church we went out to lunch with a Friend. I was very amazed at how well all 10 kids at lunch. The babies only fused a few times when they wanted more food, but it was a good experience.
I'm getting better at taking all 10 out with me into public, you just have to get passed all the nasty stares that some people give you!!
Eli has been cruising all threw the house. He has managed to pull our blinds down and knock over 3 of our plants this week. We also find him trying to go up the stairs about 3 times a day. He loves to pull out all the pots and pans and bang them together. Its actually really funny. Nessie just sits a lot playing with her toys. Elisa is getting better at trying to walk with us. Her therapy started last week and went very well. Today Nessie, and Eli's therapy starts. I'm glad they have made such process!!
We really want to adopt again now that this has gone so well for us, I just do not know when. I'm waiting for God to let us know who he wants us to adopt, and when?? Ill post pictures tomorrow, Thanks, Leah


  1. Can't wait to see those pictures!!

    Sorry everyone's been so sick, though...!

  2. We can relate--we have 7 and someone pretty much always says "you have your hands full" or " are they all yours?" :) What a wonderful testimony your family is to what a blessing children are to the Lord. Hope you get better soon!
    love, the Adamsons