Saturday, February 6, 2010

After 2 Weeks.......

The babies have been home for 2 weeks now and they are already making so much progress. The first few days were home, the just sat in the playroom. They didn't want to play, didn't want to be held, and they hardly moved. They would just sit there and rock to the music we had playing the background. Today is a totally different story. They've all discovered the excitement of exploration. They love playing in the playroom (formally our formal dining room), but they've also figured out that other parts of the house are exciting as well.

Vanessa likes to crawl on top of the other kids. If you lay down in the room she will usually crawl on top of you and get as close to your face as possible. She loves to explore our faces with her eyes and her hands and she always wants to kiss..... big slobbery kisses! When she wanders outside of the playroom she usually ends up in the kitchen. She's so much fun......

Elijah has discovered the cabinets and, of course, the pots and pans. He would spend hours banging pots and pans together. He also like to find the dog water and tip it over. Then he gets himself soaked by playing in the water. When we bring him in our room he makes a b-line for our shower. It's a big walk-in double shower and he absolutely loves it. Of all of the kids, he explores the most.

Elisa has progressed the most though. She seemed so miserable the first few days, but she has come out of her shell. She is very attentive and is always looking for us. When we walk around the corner she immediately makes eye contact and then smiles the biggest most beautiful smile. Whenever we walk near her she reaches for us and gives us a huge hug. She doesn't wander around too much, but when she does, she finds the closed carpeted area that she can..... and then lays down face first on the carpet. It must feel soothing to her. She still loves her music also. We crank up the stereo in the house and she bobs her head and claps her hands. We're so happy with how much she's warmed up to us.

Oh and they all LOVE bath time now. At first they screamed and cried, but now we have trouble getting them to get out of the tub. They've also put on some weight. The girls have each gained 4 pounds since coming home and Elijah has gained 2 pounds. I guess that's what American food will do for you.

Overall, the transition has been much better than we expected. The kids sleep through the night, they go down for nap time, they eat well, and they've warmed up to all of the other kiddos. Although they've all had runny noses since we got home, they have been such a joy. We are sooooo blessed with these three angels and we are so thankful for how smooth this transition has been. Here are some recent pics of the kids playing:


  1. It's so wonderful hearing how well the little ones are transitioning! Kids are soooo resilient, aren't they?? I love the pictures too- they look great!

  2. Thank you for sharing pictures! It's wonderful to hear that they are doing so well! They sure are precious!

  3. how sweet. You are so very blessed.

  4. They are soo cute! We are glad they are adjusting well :)

    Love, The Adamsons

  5. How wonderful to see them home! Thanks so much for the update. They're absolutely beautiful! I'm interested in hearing about Tony's trip home with 3... We're hoping to do the same thing as well, and wondered if he had any wisdom to share.

  6. What blessings! I look forward to seeing pictures of them...they are all so beautiful! It's great to hear how well they are adjusting.

  7. ACK! They are SO CUTE! And they look good! :) So glad that things are going well! :)

  8. Beautiful babies! Thank you so much for sharing them. I love them & get tears to see how wonderful things have turned out for them. God's many blessings on your entire family!