Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeschooling and parenting

These are the only pictures I can find right now. Our camera brokeat such a bad time so we are looking to buy another one this weekend. Then we will get some good pictures on here!!

When we left to go to the Ukraine we put all of our homeschooling on hold, now it seems I can not find my way back into it. The kids are not doing well and My husband is getting really frustrated with them, when I know its my fault. Its just a lot harder with the new babies taking up so much of my attention. I'm trying really hard to make that special time to help them more, but I just wonder how so many of you guys that have adopted do this?? How do you make that time to home school, and give the babies the time they need?

The babies are going to the specialist tomorrow with their hearts. They have now gained another pound this week. I'm not sure that's so good for Eli. We don't know how to slow his weight down. They eat so much, then they cry when they are done.. Elisa is becoming so friendly with everyone. This is something we did not know if we would see or not. She was so afraid of people before that she would just look away. Now she dives out of our arms into other people standing around. She loves to show off. They have all started therapy as well. Elisa loves to throw toys, so they are working with her on that. We think that they praised her for this in the orphanage. She claps and looks around for praise as soon as she throws something.

As far as the Haitian adoption my friend said they are still looking for homes. Right now they are sending most of these babies here to Texas, but she said if you guys contact that info that they are willing to send them to homes that are home study ready. The older kids are disparately seeking homes. There is one girl that is 14 that she keeps talking about a lot. She said she is very sweet and friendly and that she needs someone to love her. I am tempted, but I promised my older daughter I would never adopt older than her!! If you guys contact that number or email and they do not contact you please email me because she said she would contact them directly herself. They are really getting a lot of calls right now, but unfortunately not a lot of calls that ready right now. Please contact me with any questions if you are interested.


  1. I would love more info about the Haitian adoption possibilities. Feel free to email me at ukraine08{at}cableone{dot}net

  2. Hi Leah,
    I spoke with a man at HCRM. I told him we are not paper ready but getting our homestudy updated. He was supposed to e-mail me more information but he never did. It is going to cost us $1900 to update our HS, so I hope they are serious and legit. The director at our HS agency said to be leery, i hope we are not just tossing our money away. If your friend from church would like to e-mail me that would be great.

  3. Hi, I've been on the RR Yahoo group for a while and have kept up a bit with different adoptions. We haven't adopted yet, but we are a homeschooling family. The beauty about homeschooling is that you can take breaks! Maybe you should consider just making this your "summer" break and just start back up when things settle down a bit. We moved across the country during January a couple of years ago and it took a while to get back in the routine of things. Hang in there! You'll get back in the swing of things soon enough.

  4. Jacqueline Smith here; our family blog is kept by 19 yr. old daughter Bethany. We home school our 8 adopted children (I have 3 7-yr.-olds until Friday when one has a birthday) & I also struggle some days with trying to do it all and love on the kids and meet all their needs! We come to San Antonio about 1X per year for Vision Forum Events-would love to meet you!