Thursday, February 25, 2010

Babies doctor appts.

We took all 3 babies to the cardiologist apt. yesterday and they all 3 got a good bill of health!! We were so excited to hear the doctor tell us that they are all o.k.
I have been getting many emails about the Haitian babies!! I did have one lady that reads my blog follow threw with the info I gave her. She said right now they only have 8 year olds and up/ My friend form church said that in the next few weeks the younger ones will follow, but they don't want to get people excited right now because A lot of people are wanting them! If you have tried to follow up on the info I sent on my earlier blog and have not received any response please leave me an email so that I can talk to my friend working for these people. She is eager to help place these children into good, loving homes!! Thanks, Leah


  1. I followed through also and they told me only 9-16 year olds; I just can't go that old right now! I'm anxious to see if liitle ones follow!

  2. I think I am the one that followed through that you mentioned. :) Please keep in touch.They have all of our information- I could really see us pulling this off if it was a child under 3.But He said those children were spoken for. that is what we are ready for. But if this is not what God wants for us I only want His will in my life. We are praying for a miracle today!

  3. We are praying with you Anna!! I am also going to get in touch with my friend again this week,I will see if she knows more info on the little ones that they are not sharing with you guys!! Leah

  4. It was ME who e-mailed you! Yes, we are interested. We tried to e-mail the contacts you had on your blog, but no one got back to us. We are homestudy ready.

  5. Hello, I am also an adoptive mother who shares your same passion for orphans! I would love to chat with email address is and my name is Sally