Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is Good

As we adjust to the new ways of life here at home me and Tony find ourselves thinking that there is still more in store for us than we thought. We thought for sure that after adopting these 3 children that we would feel complete. As soon as we got them home and everything fell into place without any complications at all we soon starting thinking about adopting again. I know Tony would do it right now again, but I am the one this time that is making the decision to wait a while. There are so many kids out there that it is hard to find the right one, its hard to say no to certain ones. I know it is something that we will have to pray about for a long time. I want to give these babies all the attrition that they need for now.
We are amazed at how well they are doing. They nap from 12-2. Then they go to bed at 8 and sleep all through the night. They do not get out of bed until 9 in the morning. Vanessa is a little bit fussy right now. We think because she has a lot of stuff going on with her little butt. She has scare tissue from something that has almost closed her little hole there and it has got to hurt. She is going into the Doctor on the 23rd for that.
They are all starting therapy tomorrow. I'm very happy to get this started. They have already come so far.
I guess everything is going very well. The only thing that I could complain about is family and the fact that my family has no desire to even see the babies. Me and Tony were very surprised that certain family members have not even called us once to check on the babies, and they have not seen them either. It hurts our feelings I guess that they seem to think that they are so busy with their life's that they cant even call us. I know if they needed anything at all we would be there in a heart beat, even with 10 kids. I don't feel like they really think that this is important because we just have so many kids now. I guess I just don't have that connection I wish I had with family. My own parents still hardly know my other adopted children that I adopted almost 4 years ago. I guess there is not much I can do about it but pray that God will open those doors to communication. Tony has had a hard time with this to. I wish he didn't think about it so much, but I think it really bothers him even more than me. He feels like I do that this is such an awesome gift. We want everyone to enjoy them with us, and some people cant even pick up the phone to see how they are.
I know its all petty, but these are the things we are working on right now. We want them to know there entire family.
Other than that, they will be dedicated at church on Sunday. I'm praying that some of the family will attend that. I will post pictures after Sunday when they get dedicated. Thanks, Leah


  1. Hi Leah,
    I am so happy for you guys that everything is working out. We know exactly what you mean about feeling these children are gifts. We feel the same way. I completely understand about family mine have come around and I pray that your will too eventually (they don't know what they are missing!!) Hugs

  2. I know how you are feeling about family Leah. I wish I did not. It can be a lonely and sad feeling. But.....You are a blessed family. You have affected our family in so many positive ways! We hope to become like you one day! Do not feel alone. We are all your "adopted" families! We wiil be there in spirit when the children are dedicated! Love and blessings - Kelli

  3. I am sorry your family is not supporting you. They are missing out on so many blessings.

  4. I continue to be blessed that the children are doing so well! So encouraging! I'm sorry about your family. I've struggled with my family's less than enthusiastic response to my birth children. I can only imagine how well it will go over with them when we adopt.

  5. I am so sorry that your family hasn't been very receptive. Boy, if I lived anywhere within driving distance, I would be barging right in. I am so in love with your babies and I don't even really know you guys. It is sad, but just remember that they are the ones that are actually missing out and it is their problem, not yours. You have chosen to love many children and you can't allow anyone to discourage you because you are doing what God would want. I wish I could just be inside your house for a day and see how you handle and organize everything so that I could have the guts to adopt multiples.....there are two from the same orphanage that I want so badly!!! I just realized that I owe you a return email so I will write more there. Can't wait for the dedication pictures!!

  6. By the way, you need to update your "about me" on your profile. I just noticed that it says parents of 7 with 2 angels on the now needs to say parents of 10!!!

  7. sounds like they are doing good...we will pray for Vanessa. We are sorry about your family..we will be praying for you guys!
    Love, the Adamsons

  8. I am sorry that you are having a hard time with your family too....

    I am just so excited to hear about how wonderful the little ones are doing. It gives me hope that one day we might be holding our little one.

    You are so very very blessed.

  9. I know what you are talking about when you mention uninterested family. There were several "key" members of my family who didn't even call or e-mail to find out if we were home and okay. I had to contact THEM. And my mom and step-dad are the ONLY relatives to come and visit him and he's been home for 5 months. It's sad. But know that you are not alone!! :o}

  10. Glad to hear they are doing so well!

    Johns mom didn't see Luke, whom we brought home as a newborn, until 3 weeks later. We live in the same town. We finally went in to see her....

    But now, she loves him, and though not great about adoption in general she has come a long ways.

    It sure makes it hard, and makes you protective of the kids though doesn't it.

  11. When family is not there for us, it is so challenging not to be hurt. But have peace in knowing you always have God your father, and you are doing what he called you to do. You will be so blessed beyond measure. it's a shame that everyone can't see or understand what your doing, but I hope for you and Tony this turns around.

  12. I'm so glad things are going well. Your family is an inspiration and witness to so many. Your extended family is really missing out on these treasures.