Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, Our paperwork was officially turned in!!!
This means now that we will soon get a travel date. We would normally leave 2 weeks from Monday, but the Ukraine has stoped travel due to the H1Ni virus. We will trust in The Lord that this will not stop us from bringing our babies home.
Vanessa, Elisa, and Arthur, we are coming to bring you home!!!
We still need a name for Vanessa, and Arthur. We want Russian names. So any ideas would be great!!
I'm finally getting my excitement back. This is getting all to real for me. The plane is a little freaking me out again, But I know what ever happens , is meant to happen anyways right??
I'm going to start packing a few things to help get me excited again!! I think it will be very cold the first of December right?? I don't even know if I own clothes for weather that cold!
Well, I'm going to run. We need to figure out if we are going to do anymore fund raising. We just realized all the money we borrow from our 401k we will have to pay on the entire year, because we don't get reimbursed until nest year from My husbands work. We were not expecting that! Its all good though. We will figure it out. We have this whole way through!! Thanks guys!


  1. That's fantastic!! What exciting news! I'll bet you're itching to go but I know that the "realness" of it is scary! Just try to stay calm and ENJOY the adventure! You'll do GREAT!

  2. Yeah!! I have lots of Russian names I love...I love the names, Katya, Nadia, Alexander (Alex), Anastasia, Katerina, Lena, Lilia, Maxim (Max), Mark, Dasha, Natalia, Natascha, Nikolai, Roman, Tatiana, Vera (which means Faith), Zoya. How fun!! You get to pick three names!! :) I'm glad you're getting excited, and uh, it's going to be VERY VERY COLD when you, bundle up!

  3. So happy for you and your family. Will keep you all in my prayers for a safe trip!

  4. I'm so happy you are submitted now! Hope for a travel date really soon!

    As for names; the easiest would be to keep the real ones they have which are surely Russian, the RR profile names being only nick names to protect their identity. Otherwise there are so many beautiful ones, like Nadezhda - meaning Hope, and Vera - meaning Faith. Or Lyobov - meaning Love. Alina, Antonina, Katerina, Tamara and Tatiana are sweet names too. And for a boy maybe Ivan, Alexey, Leonid, Andrey, Vadim, Anton or Igor. Russian names are so beautiful!

    - I'm blogging for Nadya; to help her find a family-

  5. Dasha or Daria? love nikolai