Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wow, These pictures turned out alot bigger than I had expected. Anyways these are few of our Halloween pictures. The first one is my oldest Faith. She is the biggest helper I have ever had. She adores children and has the same heart for them that I do.
The second picture is Haily, Grace, Emma, and Noelle. Behind them is Gracies friend Emily. The last picture is Noelle with Emma.
I did a horrible job of taking good pictures this year because I was running around trying to chase kids everywhere.
We are still waiting for a travel date. We still think it will be sometime in the next couple weeks that we get a date to travel.
Now we are just trying to figure out what to do about Christmas. We know that Tony will not be here, because he will be in the Ukraine with my oldest daughter. I don't know if we wait to celebrate until they get back, or just go ahead and celebrate.
We are packing away trying to get everything ready to go. I thought I had all my bags packed until Tony told me that I had to use a duffel bag and not a suitcase. Now I have to re pack everything.
Ill post as soon as I have news of when we travel. Thanks for reading!! Leah

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