Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11 days!!

We have 11 days until we leave. I'm so excited , but I'm stressed out at the same time. I never thought you would have to do so much to get ready to go on a trip. I have always just took what I wanted to take. This time I have to watch everything so close because we can not take alot.
I'm also stressing about the kids staying at home. My mother-n-law will be watching them, but she just had a major foot surgery and can not even walk. I'm afraid she will have to much work on her hands. The back up we had decided not to come and help at the last minute. I'm just praying that God heals Mema fast and she is able to help out without getting stressed out!!
Tomorrow my youngest son Christan is having surgery. His testicles never came down. So I guess they have to go into his stomach and pull them down. I know he is a bit afraid, but he is doing well for the most part. I think he is more embarrassed more than anything right now. I'm sure he just wants it to be over with!!
I'm going to put all my kids to bed now. They are making their Christmas list since we are not going to here for Christmas. This year is going to be very hard for all of us, but we will have the best Christmas gift of all in the end!!


  1. Don't try to take too many clothes - your apartment should have a w/d and you can just wash away! If it doesn't then you can wash in the sink, but by now you should know which. (I hope that didn't sound too flaky!!)

    You'll be fine! It's a long trip but when you get back home you'll forget how long it was and you'll have the greatest homecoming!!

    I'm SO happy for you!!! :o) :o) :o)

  2. oh wow! 11 days~ I am so jealous! I will be in prayer for you and your MIL! Wish I was close enough to some fo these families traveling so I could help out!

  3. Hi Leah, I don't know that I've ever officially introduced myself but I've been praying for your family for some time now! And somehow I didn't know you had a blog until now! Blessings on your trip... my heart is THRILLED that you are bringing these three home. And I'm so excited to follow your journey while you're there!