Thursday, November 19, 2009


We finally got out travel date. December 9Th is the day we go to court. So we are planning on leaving around the 6Th. We are trying to be home on Christmas eve from our first trip, but we are not sure about this yet.
The 2Nd trip Tony, and my oldest daughter are going to bring the babies home. I know this is allot of work for the 2 of them, but I am not able to go the 2Nd time around.
I'm so excited that we are finally about to leave.
The weather there is suppose to be very very cold so we are going shopping this weekend to buy stuff for the weather. I'm not sure if we will find everything we need here in San Antonio because it just doesn't get that cold here!!!
We are taking my kids with us. I know allot of people gave us allot of good advise and we did think about not taking them, but in the end my baby would be miserable without me, and I would be without her. Therefore we decided to take our older child to help out with her if we are not able to take the younger one into the court.
I think Its a good bonding experience for all of us, even the new babies. Our kids at home can not wait to meet there new sisters and brother!!
Thanks so much for all your advice, and for everyone that has prayed for us along this journey. It has been an exciting experience that is about to get even better, Thanks, Leah


  1. Very exciting! Can't wait for updates on how it all goes and how the kids are doing!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    It will be a wonderful experience to share with your children.:)

  3. I'm so happy for you!!

    How old are your oldest and your youngest? I think you have a great plan in taking them!

  4. Our appointment is also the 9th. Maybe we'll see you there. :)

  5. Leah, I just got an e-mail from Reece's Rainbow and saw your news and went into your blog! I'm so glad you finally got your date to go get those children. Perhaps your wait was longer - so you would be including Authur! I don't know how you and Tony do it girl, but I did see when I was working with you on getting your house sold what wonderful and caring parents you were...and your children are the best behaved I've ever been around. I'm sure you will be especially BLESSED...we all LOVE MAX!! He is so adorable and Stephanie's children are wonderful with him...after a couple of weeks (it has now been 7 weeks) he has settled in beautifully...I had to send Stephanie and Greg off to lunch so I could keep Max...we had so much fun together...
    I'm proud of you and Tony Leah...You'll be in my thoughts as you travel. Love to you all, Janet Cummings

  6. I just found your blog and I am in awe of you and your husband. What an amazing show of faith for God :) your new babies will add so much joy to your life and make God smile. My dh and I have 2 adopted, and 2 bio children and have always had a super soft spot for children with downs syndrome. We believe they are little angels. Hugs!