Friday, April 17, 2009

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Not just words to a song from the 90's. This is the question that we're struggling with regarding our house. Our current house is far too small for the 9 children that we will will have once Elisa and Vanessa come home, but the market really doesn't support us selling right now. We've thought about adding on, but that would probably only be a band aid and may make the house even harder to sell down the road. So we've been pretty content just waiting...... Just a few days ago, we stumbled upon a house that appears to be perfect for us. It's large enough for our entire family plus it has a garage apartment that Tony's mother could move in to. Even better, it is a foreclosure and is priced way under market value.

So our dilemma is, do we quickly put our house on the market and hope to get an offer before this foreclosure sells or do we try to find a more creative way to purchase/ lease the house? There is a possibility of having an investor buy the house and we could rent it from them after our house sells. Or...... do we just stay put? We're really seeking God's direction on this, because none of the options seem feasible, but we also know that God's ways are not our ways. The challenge is not following God, but discerning His voice and knowing what He's called us to do.

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