Wednesday, April 29, 2009

God Is Good......

We blogged last night about trying to sell tickets to our fundraiser and how we were hoping for a decent turnout to the event. We sent a large number of e-mails a few weeks ago, but things had been kind of quiet. We started wondering if anyone was going to show up and if anyone had even gotten the e-mails. Perhaps it was just a lack of faith on our part, but we needed some positive feedback letting us know that some people would show. As we began to reach out to a few people we started getting amazing feedback. We received e-mails from several church small group leaders telling us that they would approach their groups about helping, an attorney at Tony's work sent the invitation out to an entire organization encouraging support, a co-worker of our neighbor donated $100 immediately after reading our flyer. Several individuals from church confirmed that they were coming. Tony's boss at work also authorized him to sell tickets to some of the vendors that he works with which Tony was afraid would be considered a conflict of interest. We even found out by chance that a neighbor of ours from 4 years ago was passing out our flyers to all the teachers at Spring Branch Middle School. We hadn't talked to this neighbor in years, but quietly he was doing his part to help. All of this great news came in today! We are so encouraged right now. Yesterday we were hoping to be able to sell 100 tickets. Well today, we're raising the bar; 200 tickets! Thank you so much to all of you who are quietly working to help sell tickets even if we don't know about it. You are all such a blessing to us. God is so GOOD!


  1. Found your blog from Mckenna. look forward to learning more about your family and your new adoption!