Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God Provides Through Others.....

So we did it! We finally started to actively solicit help to raise funds for the adoption of Elisa and Vanessa. We discovered very quickly that it is hard to ask people to contribute their hard-earned money to a cause that we decided to take on. As we've blogged about before, we decided to simply do one big fundraising event. It will be an Adoption Benefit/ fajita buffet at a very popular restaurant here in San Antonio. We purposely chose an event where people are not just donating money, but they are also getting something in return. In this case, that happens to be a full meal, music and fun for the family. Even with that, we've found it very difficult to ask people to attend. Even though we know we cannot possibly come up with $30K on our own when we started this adoption process, we were kind of hoping that "God would provide". In reality, we know that God WILL provide, but He often does so through other people.

Once again, we are realizing that this adoption is so much bigger than just getting the Elisa and Vanessa home. God is using this process to help the two of us become more responsible, more organized, more open, and certainly less prideful. We simply need the help of others to complete this adoption and that is something that is hard to admit. With that said, we have one month left until the fundraiser. After sending out e-mails to all of our friends within the last few days, we already have commitments to buy (or sponsor) 40-50 tickets. That's amazing! God is amazing! So we will set aside our pride and continue to trust in God to provide our needs through others. We will humbly accept the help that others are offering and will praise God for the many blessings (friends) He's placed in our lives........


  1. Hi--we're in SA and would love to attend. Could you please send me details? Anna Torres anna@annatorreslaw.com

  2. I can't wait for your benefit!! Keep trusting on God and letting people know where you're at with your fundraising. He will provide for these two precious children and for you guys!! Praying for you guys!!