Saturday, April 18, 2009

Planning For The Unthinkable......

A number of people have recently asked us about who would raise our children if Tony and I were to pass away. Wow! That's a question no one likes to think about, but a very appropriate one considering the fact that we will soon have 9 children. I can't imagine separating the kids is something were to happen to us. After all, Dylan, Christian and Haily had already been moved from home to home before we adopted them. Dylan lived with his great grandparents while Christian and Haily lived with their biological mother. Then, when CPS took them, Haily was placed in a shelter while Dylan and Christian went to a foster home. Now that they finally have stability in their life, I can't imagine having to separate any of the kids from one another.

Before we decided to adopt Elisa and Vanessa, we had agreed to leave our children with Tony's sister. We know she would be a wonderful mother to them and her husband a wonderful father, but we never really thought about adding two more children to the mix. If, God forbid, something were to happen to both Tony and I, would it be fair to ask one family to take in ALL 9 children? While we hate to think about such a thing happening, the only assurance we have that the kids will be taken care of is to plan it all out. So this week we plan to talk to Tony's sister and ask her the question. Could she..... would she be willing to raise all 9 of our children if something were to happen to the two of us? Not a fun thing to talk about, but we must plan for the unthinkable.......

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