Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad Blogger.......

I apologize, but we are horrible at updating our blog. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we're doing that we forget to update all of you who are following our journey. We've made great progress in the last few weeks though. Our home study was sent to to the USCIS offices and we are waiting on them to set up federal fingerprint appointments for us. We've completed our dossier with the exception of 3 documents. We will need our mortgage verification when we finally move in to a new home, we need to get our medical forms redone by our doctors, and then we need to wait on our INS docs once our federal fingerprints are complete. The timeline for the USCIS is unknown, but we are hoping and praying that they turn our paperwork around quickly so that we can submit our dossier.

We've also been approached by a number of people lately asking us if we're going to do another fundraiser. With the money that Tony's work will reimburse us and the savings we have, we're about $8K-$10K away from our goal which is amazing considering we've only done the one event. Honestly, we had not planned on another fundraiser, but it may be necessary. Either way, we know that God will provide whatever is needed to bring our babies home. Oh..... that reminds me that we got new pictures of Vanessa from someone who had recently visited her orphanage. It was so inspiring to see her precious face a full 6-9 months older than she was in the original picture we received. Here's our sweet baby only from just a few weeks ago.....

It's amazing how we can get LOST in "the process" and loose sight of what the end goal is. That goal is to get these babies home to us so that we can give them the love and medical attention that they need. We are so excited to be over halfway there! We can't wait to hold our girls for the first time.... to kiss them for the first time.... and to see them smile for the first time! If only we could travel to get them today! So we press on with renewed energy and excitement about what God has in store for us. We still hope to be traveling by the end of summer........

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  1. What an angel she is! Thanks for keeping us all posted- praying your girls home.
    In Him,