Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fundraiser Complete..... Time to move!

Our fundraiser this past weekend was a great success. The event was held on a beautiful outdoor patio at a wonderful Mexican restaurant here in San Antonio. We began to set things up at 9:45am and the weather was beautiful. It was in the 70's with a great little breeze blowing through. People started to arrive at 10:30am and the buffet line opened at 11am. We had about 25 guests at 11:15 and everyone was mingling and having a great time...... But to the North the sky was black. Within 15 minutes, high winds started to blow in and our guests were all moved inside the restaurant. A few minutes later, heavy rains hit and our outdoor event had become an indoor event.

As we were moving people inside, the bulk of our guests began to arrive. BY 1PM there was no place to sit our guests and as guests from a few other parties scheduled for the same day began to arrive. Tony and I were like restaurant employees greeting people, finding tables and even cleaning off a few tables. I think I even refilled a few drinks! Despite the inclimate weather, the event was wonderful. Due to the chaos, we had no idea how many people had shown up, but at the end of the day we added up over 150 guests. On top of that, many people paid more than the $25 ticket price. We ended up raising over $7000 through this event!!! Praise God! We are nearly halfway to our fundraising goal. It was very humbling to see our friends from different parts of our lives come together to support us. Our family, our good friends, co workers, church family, and even some people we didn't know showed up to support our adoption.

Now...... we can focus on our house. We have two weeks until closing and still have not found a home. We've narrowed it down to 2 houses that we will look at again today. We expect to make an offer on one of them and are praying that we can close quickly. Our backup plan is to rent which we know we can do quickly. There is still no word on the Atlanta job that Tony applied for, so we are moving forward as if we're staying and we're praying that God guides us in this decision. the last thing we want to do is close on a house and find out a few days later that we need to pack up and move again. We know that God has directed everything to this point, so we expect that He will do the same moving forward! We're excited to see where He leads us.......


  1. Im so happy that the event was complete success! Praise God =)

  2. That is so wonderful! Even though the weather was crazy, we had a lot of fun! Praying for your house hunt!

  3. Hi! So glad your fundraiser went well! We are having a crafts/yard sale fundraiser this weekend and are praying for a good turnout! Best wishes!
    Lydia (adopting Tori)